See the World with You: Why You Should Travel with your Partner

Relationships only get stronger the longer you have them, so they say, and there’s not a better place to discover your significant other than when on a journey with them. Every couple should get the chance to travel even before they get married, as it’s one of the best chances of seeing one another in a situation that’s definitely not confined with the four spaces of a relatively safe room.

Here is what you can expect to receive should you finally get the chance to go on a journey as a couple.

Become Closer

Couples become exponentially closer when they travel together. By closer, this means that couples have better sex lives, better communication—literally everything is better. According to a survey done by the US Travel Association, couples who seek adventure in another place become more likely to turn a spark into a roaring flam that lasts a lifetime or beyond.

More Experiences Together

When you travel, you experience some things that just don’t happen when you’re in a comfy environment. The same is true for couples who travel. Sunset in a place like Bali or the Philippines? Gazing at the aurora borealis over at Norway? Watching the eternal sun at Alaska? These are made all better when you’ve got the person you love beside you.

No Dull Moments

Unexpected things happen when you’re travelling. Your tour bus might break down at the most unfortunate times only to leave you stranded at a spot where there’s a very beautiful meadow. You might get lost in a forest to discover your own personal waterfall. Won’t you love to have someone beside you as you make those accidental discoveries?

A Stronger Bond

When you start living together, you’ll eventually spend most of the time with each other. That’s going to be boring for some people, but for couples who travel, it’s part of an adventure. It would be just like that time when you took a cruise on the Caribbean or when you hiked to Macchu Picchu. Traveling only makes your bond as a couple stronger.

See Each Other in a New Light

When you’ve been together for quite a time, seeing your partner in a different place refreshes your view of him or her. Suddenly, you see things you’ve never seen before when both of you were just home. Traveling refreshes you as a couple as much as it refreshes you when you travel alone. It’s just better since the one you love is there to share moments with you.

Better Discussions

If you’ve got issues to sort out or something important to discuss, discussing them during travels removes a lot of tension. The relaxation can only aid to have meaningful discussions that don’t turn into quarrelling. Traveling does that and more; it can only get better if you manage to resolve those differences even before you go back home.

These tips are some of the reasons why there are no sad pictures of couples on vacation. Try traveling with your significant other at least once in your life and you’ll find out why some couples seem to make it work better than the others.

Car Madness: Tuning a top Racer in a Racing Game

Racing games—depending on how complicated they are—have a steep learning curve. As much as it is realistic, so are the mechanics of beefing up your ride. However, this is also an experience that gamers who are also car fans want from their games. They want it to imitate as much as it can from real world situations and that includes beefing up their virtual car.

From buying a car from the dealership to entering your virtual garage, here is how you can figure out making your car go faster than the other souped-up coupes.

Enter Career mode

Career mode is where you usually create your car and where you start to tool around and see what set-ups you can do. There’re a lot of combinations, parts, and set-ups you can browse through, but the important thing is you know how to edit your car.

Check: Tires and Brakes

Tires and brakes go hand in hand in providing control to your car. Understeer is when you lose control; players purposefully lose control to enter into a drift and try to take control back when they’ve positioned themselves properly. Oversteer, meanwhile, keeps your turns sharp and crisp, running the risk of spinning out.

Check: Aerodynamics

Downforce and Weight Bias might be confusing terms when you’re checking your car’s aerodynamics. Downforce pertains to the amount of wind dragging on the vehicle. Weight Bias, meanwhile, helps your vehicle to counter weight shifting.

Check: Suspension

Have you checked your suspension? It’s one of the easier options to tinker with when checking your car for races. You’ll want to adjust the ride height if you want more stability (lowering) or if you want to create acceleration or turns (adjusting front and back sides.) Meanwhile, adjust your spring and sway bars if you want a stiffer or softer ride.

Check: Bumpers

Your bumpers also help in the over-all shifting of your car on the road. By adjusting this, you can create a stiff turn on a corner, make it easier to oversteer or understeer, and create easier handling when coming out of a corner fast. In a nutshell, it contributes to how your car handles on the road—whether you want to make it drift or forego that altogether.

Check: Engine

The heart of a vehicle. Most settings here are simple to understand. Here, you can adjust your fuel load and brake mapping, as well as set restrictions on your car. The fuel load is important for limiting speed, while brake mapping adjusts your ECU to give you more or less power when braking. The restrictor basically sets a handicap during races.

Creating a Monster

Tinkering with these settings is important if you’re into full customization. By fooling around, you get a feel of how a car rides and, in real life; you may perhaps learn how to adjust settings on your own car. Depending on how accurate or immersive a race game is, you might just be given a basic lesson on how to make your car go faster or slower.

Traveling in Style: Seeing the World the Virtual Reality Way

We all want to see the world at one point in time. Sadly, that may take a while, if we’re going to try and go for it as soon as we can. Your expenses and your salary may simply not match. If they do, you simply have no time to travel—an unfortunate side-effect of having a good job that requires you to work non-stop for the salary they give you.

Fortunately, today’s technology has proven the biggest solution to it. Here now are some of the best virtual reality games that make it possible for you to go out and see the world.

YouVIsit, destination: Croatia

Whether it’s a cruise off the coast of that country or elsewhere, YouVisit will take you there. It’s an app that brings you to uploaded sites on a virtual reality tour. There are a bevy of sites available to visit—from colleges to restaurants, they have it all. Aside from that, you can experience what it’s like to be there exactly as you peruse the site using their 360 degree viewer.

Everest VR, destination: Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest remains as one of the most elusive sites to visit for people. It’s not just because of the mountainous region’s location, which is high up in the Himalayas; it’s because of the logistics involved and preparation to go there. The VR experience, designed by Solfar Studios of Iceland and RVX, gives you the chance to climb and visit the peak like no other mountain climber had.

Digital Domain Teleport, destination: Tahiti

Teleport instantly halfway around the world with this VR masterpiece; there’s a slight catch, however. However quickly you might reach Tahiti through VR lens, you’re staying there for a total of five minutes max. However, you get to experience water and sky, take a flying tour of the mountains and jungles of the island and then immerse yourself on an underwater exploration. That’s a lot of stuff for a five-minute tour.

Google Street View, destination: anywhere

Ever wanted to experience Abbey Road but don’t have the time or money to go there? Wanted to visit Taj Mahal or the streets of Seoul but can’t really make the time to go? Well, thanks to the Google Street View experience, you can visit those streets and more. The best thing about it, perhaps, is that you can go to any street in the world—virtually any place—with only a long tap or a click.

Discovery VR, destination: ruins

What greater partner to explore the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu or the Mayan ruins than the Discovery Channel? Thanks to their Discovery VR, experience diving with sharks in search of sunken wrecks; fly through a remote canyon to reach secluded ruins. It can be viewed either through PC or using phone apps. What better way to visit these sites than at the comfort of your chair?

There are a lot of ways you can visit these places but who says that you need to leave home to do that? If you can’t be there physically, do the next best thing—be there virtually.

Why Walk when you can Drive: Racing Games to sate your Racing Appetite

A real car enthusiast will want a lot from their racing games. Someone with a love of both games and driving will want an almost approximate experience from their racing. This means parts, set-ups, and the aesthetic image of their cars.

It might be virtual, but it might also be real-life as well for these players. Here are a few titles some of you will recognize, but most of you will know are quality games. That is, if you know your cars—your virtual cars, that is.

The Need for Speed series

Any game—from Burnout to Forza Horizon—owes Need for Speed a great big debt of gratitude. These games have paved the way for high-speed car chases, police on the streets, and street traffic in racing games. There have been luxury cars that have been featured here—the Porsche Unleashed title comes to mind—and who wouldn’t want to compete against BMWs and Lexus models on the streets?

Gran Turismo 3: A-spec

Your chance of driving a luxury model became bigger back in 2001, when this game was released. Based loosely upon real life races, the series was one of the first to feature models that aren’t exactly ‘street-legal’. It became big due to its immersion—the performance of your car depended upon how you tuned and created it to emulate exactly the same kind of experience you’d get when racing.

Grand Theft Auto V

The ultimate experience in driving luxury cars, Grand Theft Auto gave aspiring drivers and gamers an experience like no other. Step into any vehicle, drive it, and speed away from pursuing cops. Any vehicle here is absolutely up for grabs, and the gunfights you get into upon getting cornered are an added bonus. Sure, the car models sound clearly fictional but the models are almost accurate.

Project Cars

This title enjoys the advent of souped-up rigs and stronger gaming consoles to the maximum. Crisp graphics give you the feeling of watching a car chase movie rather than playing a game. The collection of cars to drive and the availability of tracks to race on give it a pretty high place among racing games. Of course, not to mention that the developers took to heart its promise of delivering top-notch racing by laser-scanning each and every detail of the roads used in the game.

Assetto Corsa

We’re going to have to include Project Cars’ PC cousin here. Assetto Corsa gives roughly the same experience that Project Cars does and on a beefy PC, you’re going to imagine racing on a real-life track. It does lack a few things, namely the number of cars and tracks as its relatively modern cousin. However, the game benefits from the number of mods and similar content on the PC.

Forza Motorsport 4

Another title making the best of the recent wave of powerful PCs and graphics, Forza Motorsport 4 emerged among the titles of the recent console generation as a game that was faithfully executed. Sure, the cars may be lacking and the road tracks may be limited at best, but the details—from the tiniest pebble to the lines along the highway—are something to make car enthusiasts salivate.

If you can’t get your luxury car fix in real life, all it takes is a PC or a console, a huge imagination, and the drive to excel. These racing games are safer to try out than to risk racing on the road.

Travel Virtual: The Best Open-World Games to Travel in

In recent times, open-world games have experienced the start of a Golden Age. Technology affords the crisp, clear transitions between cells and makes the experience feel similar to real life. In an even bigger effort to mirror real-life decisions, developers have learned to create non-linear stories where the decision to finish quests and solve puzzles are left up to the players.

It’s nice to pick up a game you can enjoy on the weekends. Sit back, relax, and take a look at these open-world sandbox games.

Forza Horizon 3

Set in what can be described as an almost accurate description of a slice of Australia, Forza Horizon 3 is, first and foremost, a racing game. Now that’s out of the way; Forza Horizon 3 is a racing game that allows you to explore more than just an urban place. There are forests, beaches, and deserts to go to here. As an added bonus, each area unlocks a specific car attuned to the kind of terrain found there.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A recent game that’s only a few years old, The Witcher 3 rivals the best open-world sandboxes out there. It’s set in a Nordic world that feeds the wanderlust in you. Whether it’s Novigrad or the Skellige region, the bustling towns and rowdy locals makes it feel like you’re visiting another country. This is apart from the different puzzles and quests that the game sends you to, which you can do on your own time.

Elite: Dangerous

To para-phrase the famous line from ‘Star Trek’, “Space…the final frontier.” Elite: Dangerous moves you from Earth to outer space, the ultimate destination for those looking to travel and for a challenge at the same time. Fly around in your spaceship and become what you want—an ore miner, a merchant, a pirate, or simply an explorer. Connect to an online galaxy and enjoy traveling between the game’s 4 billion star systems.

Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag

How about roaming the seas of the Caribbean for a slice of real life? Black Flag gives you the chance to live your life as a swashbuckling pirate spreading terror on the high seas. Battle against colonial armadas, explore tiny islands, and claim forts as your own in this game. If you’re after the story, you’d better look for it elsewhere; if you’re looking for adventure, you’ve chosen the right game.

Mad Max

Another game set in the Australian Outback, Mad Max takes after the events of the film of the same name. Face against Buzzards, War Boys, and the other outlandish gangs of this post-apocalyptic wasteland while getting a little travel along the way. It might get a little repetitive along the way, but its open-world setup still gives off a lot of surprises. Be on the look-out for danger as you drive.

These games are perfect when you want to travel and you absolutely cannot. It’s great for kicking back and relaxing while stretching your legs—albeit in a virtual manner—along the way.