Traveling in Style: Seeing the World the Virtual Reality Way

We all want to see the world at one point in time. Sadly, that may take a while, if we’re going to try and go for it as soon as we can. Your expenses and your salary may simply not match. If they do, you simply have no time to travel—an unfortunate side-effect of having a good job that requires you to work non-stop for the salary they give you.

Fortunately, today’s technology has proven the biggest solution to it. Here now are some of the best virtual reality games that make it possible for you to go out and see the world.

YouVIsit, destination: Croatia

Whether it’s a cruise off the coast of that country or elsewhere, YouVisit will take you there. It’s an app that brings you to uploaded sites on a virtual reality tour. There are a bevy of sites available to visit—from colleges to restaurants, they have it all. Aside from that, you can experience what it’s like to be there exactly as you peruse the site using their 360 degree viewer.

Everest VR, destination: Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest remains as one of the most elusive sites to visit for people. It’s not just because of the mountainous region’s location, which is high up in the Himalayas; it’s because of the logistics involved and preparation to go there. The VR experience, designed by Solfar Studios of Iceland and RVX, gives you the chance to climb and visit the peak like no other mountain climber had.

Digital Domain Teleport, destination: Tahiti

Teleport instantly halfway around the world with this VR masterpiece; there’s a slight catch, however. However quickly you might reach Tahiti through VR lens, you’re staying there for a total of five minutes max. However, you get to experience water and sky, take a flying tour of the mountains and jungles of the island and then immerse yourself on an underwater exploration. That’s a lot of stuff for a five-minute tour.

Google Street View, destination: anywhere

Ever wanted to experience Abbey Road but don’t have the time or money to go there? Wanted to visit Taj Mahal or the streets of Seoul but can’t really make the time to go? Well, thanks to the Google Street View experience, you can visit those streets and more. The best thing about it, perhaps, is that you can go to any street in the world—virtually any place—with only a long tap or a click.

Discovery VR, destination: ruins

What greater partner to explore the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu or the Mayan ruins than the Discovery Channel? Thanks to their Discovery VR, experience diving with sharks in search of sunken wrecks; fly through a remote canyon to reach secluded ruins. It can be viewed either through PC or using phone apps. What better way to visit these sites than at the comfort of your chair?

There are a lot of ways you can visit these places but who says that you need to leave home to do that? If you can’t be there physically, do the next best thing—be there virtually.