Ride in Luxury: Things you need to know about renting Luxury Cars

There was something in the news about Justin Bieber and a rented Lamborghini Gallardo. While that may have been bad press for Bieber and the car rental he got the vehicle from, it just goes to show what money is needed to snag a ride on one of those sweet exotic rentals.

Everyone has that craving at a point in their life. Money. Power. Expensive cars. If you can’t afford them, rent them for a day, an hour, maybe even a week. Want to rent a car yet? Here’s what you need to know about high-class rentals and the luxury of riding in one.

You need to be clean

Biebs managed to rent a luxury car because, prior to getting a tick on his license, he was clean. One requirement of rentals from http://www.apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/germany/berlin/ is to get your driver’s license for verification and to complete your record. It’s also part of a background check to see if you have a record. They’ll also require that information to create records for your security deposit, the amount of which is as less as $5000.

You need to be of age

Most drivers don’t drive their first vehicle legally until age 21, and those under it, they’re usually still driving with a legally-licensed adult in the passenger’s seat. Another requirement to drive luxury vehicles is you need to be of age. A case like Justin Bieber’s is actually a complicated one; the speculation is that he used one of his bodyguards to rent the car for him as he was 19 at the time.

You need insurance

Most companies have their cars insured in case something happens to you while driving it. You are also asked for insurance by some companies. In case you don’t have one, they’ll encourage you to have it before you drive one of their luxury cars. Rental companies can be strict about this, obviously, considering the power of what you’re driving.

You need to be polite

They say that when you borrow a car, it is only polite to return it with a tank full of gas. Most rental companies have a full-to-fuel policy on their rentals; this means that they give you the car with a tank full of gas. It is only polite to return it the same way. In case you forget, some companies have it in their policies to accept rentals only when they’re full-to-fuel when returned.

You need to have cash in your credit card

Obviously, someone with bad credit will not be able to afford a luxury car rental or to rent a Range Rover in Miami. Bear in mind that you cannot use your debit card when renting a car too. A luxury rental company that rents out cars by debit are rare and they usually only take credit cards. On the rare occasion, they ask for identification as well as additional proof that you’re really who you say you are.

Rent a luxury car for whatever you want—a show of power, impressing a potential business partner, or even for your prom or similar event. Whatever the reason, every guy or girl should get the chance to drive an exotic car once in their life.