About Us

It was 2005 when the Clan was founded. Pingyun, Batman, and Catwoman came together and decided to form it without thinking of a name. However, all of them thought that the idea of a clan was wonderful.

Hence, it became ‘Wundi’.

Since then, players like Pitbull, Flash Gordon, code name Warlord, Killtac, El-Wundi and Commissioner came in. Other players from clans such as B / H / S also joined too, and in the summer of 2006, Wundi wasn’t just a clan. It became a full-fledged community. It necessitated the need for a homepage and servers on which members of the Wundi Clan would play.

Trial memberships were set-up. Players tried out but failed, although some of them managed to join even for a short time. Names like The Godfather, Maximus, Soy-X and sniper were once associated with the clan.

However, times wouldn’t always be as rosy. The clan rose up and fell. It was in 2009 when differences became unresolved and the Clan became a group and then disbanded. It was through members Gerni and Deadly that the Clan managed to stay on and became alive. Before all was lost forever, they got Wundi up and coming again and brought it back to the fun days.

Today, the Wundi clan is set up such that Elders have a council and there are three available active servers. Gerni became the Manager with Deadly doing Member Organization. Players Stix, Truedevil, and Honey Bee became War Ogranizer, Gameserver Administrator, and Forum Moderator, respectively.