Why Walk when you can Drive: Racing Games to sate your Racing Appetite

A real car enthusiast will want a lot from their racing games. Someone with a love of both games and driving will want an almost approximate experience from their racing. This means parts, set-ups, and the aesthetic image of their cars.

It might be virtual, but it might also be real-life as well for these players. Here are a few titles some of you will recognize, but most of you will know are quality games. That is, if you know your cars—your virtual cars, that is.

The Need for Speed series

Any game—from Burnout to Forza Horizon—owes Need for Speed a great big debt of gratitude. These games have paved the way for high-speed car chases, police on the streets, and street traffic in racing games. There have been luxury cars that have been featured here—the Porsche Unleashed title comes to mind—and who wouldn’t want to compete against BMWs and Lexus models on the streets?

Gran Turismo 3: A-spec

Your chance of driving a luxury model became bigger back in 2001, when this game was released. Based loosely upon real life races, the series was one of the first to feature models that aren’t exactly ‘street-legal’. It became big due to its immersion—the performance of your car depended upon how you tuned and created it to emulate exactly the same kind of experience you’d get when racing.

Grand Theft Auto V

The ultimate experience in driving luxury cars, Grand Theft Auto gave aspiring drivers and gamers an experience like no other. Step into any vehicle, drive it, and speed away from pursuing cops. Any vehicle here is absolutely up for grabs, and the gunfights you get into upon getting cornered are an added bonus. Sure, the car models sound clearly fictional but the models are almost accurate.

Project Cars

This title enjoys the advent of souped-up rigs and stronger gaming consoles to the maximum. Crisp graphics give you the feeling of watching a car chase movie rather than playing a game. The collection of cars to drive and the availability of tracks to race on give it a pretty high place among racing games. Of course, not to mention that the developers took to heart its promise of delivering top-notch racing by laser-scanning each and every detail of the roads used in the game.

Assetto Corsa

We’re going to have to include Project Cars’ PC cousin here. Assetto Corsa gives roughly the same experience that Project Cars does and on a beefy PC, you’re going to imagine racing on a real-life track. It does lack a few things, namely the number of cars and tracks as its relatively modern cousin. However, the game benefits from the number of mods and similar content on the PC.

Forza Motorsport 4

Another title making the best of the recent wave of powerful PCs and graphics, Forza Motorsport 4 emerged among the titles of the recent console generation as a game that was faithfully executed. Sure, the cars may be lacking and the road tracks may be limited at best, but the details—from the tiniest pebble to the lines along the highway—are something to make car enthusiasts salivate.

If you can’t get your luxury car fix in real life, all it takes is a PC or a console, a huge imagination, and the drive to excel. These racing games are safer to try out than to risk racing on the road.